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Most people wanting to learn English as a second language often have a basic vocabulary of English words they picked up in the day to day life.  It happens indirectly. Regardless of the country or culture, we find foreign  (English) media in printed material, the TV media, Pop music-driven culture, computer operating systems and of course on the internet. This does not necessarily mean you will hear them using that vocabulary. They lack the confidence or training to do so.

The school curriculum of most countries where English is not the native language usually has basic English classes at some stage through the learning process. The effectiveness of these classes varies considerably across those cultures. Obviously, those classes are most effective in European countries where the need was historically greater due to proximity to England. We also accept the same to be true in India and the colonial British Commonwealth countries.

That said, the Beginners level English course is delivered and focussed for each individual – dependent on their existing knowledge.

  • Building their confidence in what they already know
  • Helping them to relax and to start using that knowledge,
  • Filling in the gaps and then building upon that confident base.
  • The more they become confident the more they pick up often incidentally just due to interaction with the teacher.
  • Outside of the class, they absorb new things as the confidence and understanding grow. 
  • They go searching for more.
  • They start to understand more of the English conversations, the media, the internet, the music that is happening all around them.
  • They become more tuned in. Like a radio station that starts off as static, the closer you get it tuned to the station the clearer the message is received and the more that is understood.